All Ages Learn Together!

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Start the school year with a plan to help you and your kids come together around God’s Word!

How to teach Basic Bible

Use the Bible as your student book.

Watch the brief weekly video to prepare.

Print or download the Teacher Notes for discussion questions and activities.  

Use craft projects, service ideas, and related videos to learn with understanding.

Print the Devotional guide to get older learners into God’s Word on their own. 

Print out or verbally give a quiz each Friday so your students can show what they know. 

Get Started with Basic Bible today!

Order Basic Bible for your family today or contact us for school pricing.

Start Basic Bible with your family or school on your schedule in September.

Watch how God uses the power of His Word to change lives.

This curriculum keeps my family interested & on track. Love it!


Homeschooling mom

I’ve enjoyed all the lessons, easy to teach, and easy for them to understand.


5th grade teacher

Thank you for all the Bible lessons because its really helping me out too!


6th grade teacher

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