Week Four

Recommended Products & YouTube Links

Product hyperlinks for items mentioned in the video. As an Amazon affiliate we may benefit if you order through these links.

Embossing Pens (This is brush nib. Not sure they still make chisel tip embossing pens.)

Embossing Powder— Holographic (Any embossing powder works. But glitter does not work.)

Embossing Heat Gun

Staedtler 3002 C5 Calligraphy Marker with Chisel Tip Double Ended 3.5 and 2.0 mm, 5 Assorted Colors Set

Sakura 38062 8-Piece Pigma Assorted Colors Brush Pen Set

Water Brush Pen

Noodler’s Ink Konrad Demonstrator Rollerball Pen, Clear Barrel Design, Interchanging Ink System (18063)

Noodler’s Ahab Flex Nib Fountain Pen – Ivory Darkness White and Black, Fine Nib 15028

Noodlers Ink 3 Oz Navajo Turquoise (This is my favorite color Noodlers ink. They have a wide array of colors. Just make sure it is designed to be used in a fountain pen not a dip pen.)

Here are YouTube links for you to try calligraphy.

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