Esther is no ordinary speaker because she is no ordinary learner.

As someone labeled with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia—Esther knows the frustrations nonstandard learners face. 

No one who knew her struggles in school expected her to become a teacher, author, and international speaker—but God loves to do the unexpected. With a BS in Education and an MA in Counseling, Esther has come along side hundreds of parents and teachers to empower them to help nonstandard learners thrive. 

From Los Angeles to New York, from Mexico to Manilla, audiences have regarded Esther as a passionate speaker who connects with the heart and offers hope for learning and living.

esther wilkison
“Awesome leader–so tuned in to where teachers are and what we deal with when we have a student that learns differently.”

“Excellent! I loved her ideas and enthusiasm.”

“Fresh, innovative.” 

“Excellent! This convicted me of how I’ve been teaching reading and really changed my perspective.” 

“Awesome!! Wish I had gone to ALL of her classes!”

“Wonderful presenter. Made me look at nonstandard learners in a new way.” 

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