Learning Coaching

How would life improve for YOU if you had the skills to…

—Stay on track even if you struggle with ADHD?

—Overcome what has you overwhelmed?

—Navigate your current life-transition so you can thrive?

learning coaching for adults
parent coaching

What would improve if you, as a PARENT, had the skills to…

—Help your child who is frustrated or has given up on learning?

—Develop the tools to keep your child with ADHD on track?

—Navigate the challenges of parenting a nonstandard learner?

How would you be different as a TEACHER if you had the skills you need to…

—Meet the needs of all your students despite wildly diverse learning levels?

—Simplify your approach so students are working harder than you are? 

—Make learning fun—for you and for your students?

coaching for teachers

I use a no-shame, hope-based approach to help you help those you influence develop the foundational skills to thrive in learning and in life. 

I am a trauma-informed Learning Coach who developed resilience through my own journey as a nonstandard learner. Being labeled with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and ADHD set me on a quest to understand how the brain learns. 

What I discovered transformed me and provided strategies that have proven effective for the hundreds I have taught and coached. I put my BS in Elementary Education and MA in Counseling to use in both school and homeschool settings. For decades, I’ve trained teachers and homeschooling parents.

I began Learning Lifeguard, an educational-discipleship ministry to provide you with trauma-informed Learning Coaching tailored to your unique situation. 

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Don’t take our word for it 

Don’t take our word for it

“My husband and I contracted with Esther as a learning coach for our children, (then 4th and 5th grade) after pulling them out of our local public school after the first quarter. It had become clear over a period of testing and evaluation, that one of our children was a “nonstandard learner,” processing and learning differently from the “norm.” . . . After a little less than a school year’s time, both children were well into their grade levels in both reading and math. Esther was a Godsend to our family at a time of great frustration and uncertainty. Not only did our children greatly benefit from her services, but I came away with greater confidence and knowledge in how to be a better homeschool parent. I would strongly recommend Esther as an excellent coach, role model, tutor, and advisor in the homeschool arena.” ~K.R. 

“As an adult, I had been told my whole life that I was nothing more than a “cut-up” in the classroom; a waste of potential.  In my thirties that changed when God used Esther to help me understand that I am a lifelong learner and had a relevant place in life… even academic life.  As an atypical learner, I have processing struggles.  Esther showed me how to learn.  Then, she convinced me that I am a reader and a writer.  These are two words that my teachers would have agreed that I would never become. Now I am an educator, trainer, and learning coach who teaches teachers how to better teach.” ~C.C.

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