Esther Wilkison loves working with parents and knows well the world of homeschooling. She’s no ordinary speaker because she is no ordinary learner. Struggle and failure are part of her story, but the dominant themes have more to do with God’s grace, persistence, and success.

Esther put her training as a teacher and Biblical counselor to good use in the classroom as well as in a variety of homeschooling settings. For over a decade she has spoken to hundreds of homeschoolers at conferences and independent study groups from Los Angeles to New York, from Miami to Manilla. Currently Esther works independently as a speaker, author, and learning coach inspiring and encouraging parents as they disciple and educate their children.


Discipleship topics include:

Motivating the Unmotivated and Entitled: Helping Your Children Do Hard Things

The Battle for the Mind: Transforming Worldview

The Greatest of These for the Least of These: Learning Together to Love


Brain-Based Learning topics include:

The Way to Build Better Brains

Brain-Based Reading & Writing Strategies

Brain-Based Math Strategies

U Spell Gr8: Brain-Based Spelling Strategies

Handwriting for Brain Development


Nonstandard Learning topics include:

Benefits of Nonstandard Learning

Don’t Give Up on the Disorganized

Help for Struggling Readers

Help for Struggling Writers

Help for the Numerically Challenged


Custom topics are also available to meet your group’s needs.



To find out about Esther’s availability to come to your event, please click here.

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